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Dock Equipment in Redding

 warehouse loading docks

Creating Safe and Efficient Workplaces

Bridging the gap between loading docks and trucks is one of the age-old issues that many facilities face. Dock levelers and other dock equipment can close the space between a truck and a loading dock to make it possible for forklifts to transfer products from trucks to your facility, increasing not only efficiency and productivity but worksite safety as well.

High-Quality Repairs

We understand how important it is to have your docks operating properly at all times so that your business can continue to be efficient. That’s why we offer repair and maintenance services for various types of dock levelers.
When a leveler breaks down, we can quickly help you get it up and running again so that you can return to work and minimize interruptions to your operations.

Preventive Maintenance

Our routine maintenance services help to keep dock levelers operating smoothly, prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your dock levelers. During our maintenance service, we check and lubricate the levelers and inspect your dock equipment to see if any repairs are needed. This is the best way to avoid delays and disruptions to your workflow.
Whether you need a simple maintenance service or a larger repair, our experienced technicians are ready for your call and to get your dock levelers working properly as quickly as possible.

Updating Your Dock

If your dock leveler has begun to age or you are looking to update your system to a newer and more efficient model, you can trust our team to help you find the right model for your budget, goals and workplace requirement. We also upgrade dock levelers and dock equipment to improve safety at your facility and help improve productivity.

Other Loading Dock Equipment

Along with loading dock levelers, we offer a wide selection of loading dock equipment including bumpers, lights, seals and more. So if you are installing a new loading dock or you are repairing an existing one, we have the materials and equipment you need for a safe, reliable work area that compliments your operational needs.
If you need repairs or maintenance on your dock leveler or other loading dock equipment, contact us for professional advice.