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UL 325 Standards: What They Are and How They Affect You

Automatic Garage Door With Panel Windows
The only way to make sure you choose a safe automatic garage door system is by understanding the standards that make such systems safe. The UL 325 standards exist to make sure your garage door and opener operate within exacting safety parameters. Here is more on UL 325 and what it means.
What the UL 325 Standards Are
UL is a global safety standards organization. They test technologies and create certifications for safe practices using those technologies. You will find the UL logo on many machines and appliances. UL 325 is one of their many safety standards.
UL 325 concerns the installation, maintenance, and operation of automatic door, window, gate, and other entry systems. The standard applies to all automatic residential and commercial doors, gates, and roll-ups.
These UL standards are nothing new. Even so, the standards often go through periodic updates to keep up with modern technology and building practices. Professionals in the industry will get together with UL to discuss how to improve safety and best practices concerning a particular product or industry.
An expectation exists that everyone involved in the garage door industry should adhere to the standards. That includes manufacturers, designers, installers, service technicians, and even the consumer to a degree.
What the UL 325 Standards Mean for Manufacturers and Installers
Garage doors and other types of automatic gates come with several inherent dangers. When a manufacturer produces something dangerous, or an installer installs something dangerous, it creates a great deal of liability.
What can get these entities into even more trouble is the fact that standards do exist to mitigate most of the dangers. If a group builds or installs without adhering to established safety standards, then that group is negligent and can face prosecution if something bad happens.
Some of the dangers associated with automated garage doors include:
  • Entrapment hazards (someone stuck between the ground and edge of the garage door)
  • Obstruction (garage doors not sensing an obstruction)
  • Lack of emergency access to the door (no access for authorities to open door in an emergency)
Installers and garage door system manufacturers who adhere to the UL 325 standards will save themselves from costly liability. In the process, these groups will increase their reputation as safety-minded professionals.
What the UL 325 Standards Mean for Consumers
If you plan to have a garage door opening system installed or repaired, always work with a service that complies to UL standards. Some states allow UL standards to represent a choice for contractors. However, California codified much of the UL standard into law. That means any contractor who doesn't adhere to those standards is in violation of the law.
The UL 325 standards ensure you will have a garage door opener system that makes use of safety standards to prevent potential accidents and injuries. The standards strive to make sure your garage doors can remain safe even when mistakes happen at the user's end.
Always purchase products that meet UL safety standards. But always keep in mind that safety also falls on you. Make sure to:
  • Test your garage door and opener every month
  • Avoid using a garage door or opener if there's a problem
  • Keep the remote for the garage door away from children
  • Ensure the installer puts control switches above the reach of children
  • Don't leave the garage door until you see it fully closed
Practicing good and safe habits with your automatic garage door system is part of adhering to UL 325 as well. Don't put yourself, your family, or others in danger. Instead, contact a professional and reputable garage door service and repair company.
At JKH Door Service Co., we have the experience necessary to install your garage door or commercial roll-up system while adhering to the strictest of safety standards. For all of your garage door needs, contact us today.


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