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Commercial Roll-Up Doors in Redding

Commercial roll-up doors

Securing Your Property

Whether you need a door for your warehouse, storage unit, storefront or loading dock, our metal roll-up doors can meet the needs of your commercial property, ensure safety and last the long-haul. Metal roll-up doors are commonly used to secure various commercial properties, and we are dedicated to getting you the high-quality roll-up doors you need to rest assured that your facility is safe.
Our roll-up doors are available in a variety of sizes and types to ensure that you find the right model for your building, your budget and your goals.

Professional Fire Doors

Fire doors automatically close when a fire occurs. They help slow the fire’s spread and protect the building. They are especially useful in schools, hospitals, concession areas, cafeterias and elsewhere.
Our fire doors, like all our roll-up doors, are available in a variety of sizes, allowing us to customize our solutions to your needs. We offer annual fire door inspections, testing and repair packages to ensure that your fire doors are operating properly and will work as intended when they are needed most – in the event of an emergency.

Storefront Rolling Grills

Our rolling grills are ideal for retail spaces in malls, shopping centers and other storefront locations. They allow airflow and visibility while providing security and protection for your inventory. Our grills are available in multiple sizes that fit any storefront.
The rolling grills that we offer are also available as security shutters and security doors to ensure that your store or property remains secure when you are away.

Installation, Service and Repair You Can Trust

Whether you need a fire door or a standard metal roll-up door for your facility, our technicians are available to install the door you need. We ensure that your doors continue to operate smoothly for the duration of their lifespan, providing maximum value for your investment. Finally, our team of professionals offers maintenance and repair services that are affordable and meet all of your needs.
Contact our friendly and experienced team to install your roll-up door or to get the repairs you need.